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About us

Mendip Grooming are C&G qualified Level 2 and 3 diplomas with Canine First Aid and Life saving certifications.

Our team have attended a Holy Flynn Healing Horses and Dogs Workshop and both attend regular CPD training courses which includes a Colin Taylor Master Class and Glastonbury Festival of Grooming to name a few


Mendip grooming is now a fully qualified cat groomer! we are so excited to now be able to groom and maintain our feline friends as well as our canine ones. Our salon has been altered to ensure that any cats in our care will receive a stress free treatment.

We are also now open as a training school for anyone who aspires to work in the animals grooming industry.

Our Salon has been designed especial to suit all dog breeds and sizes from Toy breeds to giant breeds. To ensure a comfortable and relaxed grooming experience. You can leave you dog with us and rest assured that your dog will be treated and loved as one of our own.

The Animal Welfare Act and the 5 Freedoms are always followed. Your dogs welfare is our main priority.

Our Motto is Humanity before Vanity!!!


“Such a brilliant groom."  ​

Anthony Smith, Stella's owner


“I'm so happy with my dogs style."  ​

Nora Roberts, Rover's owner


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