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Small Animal Care, Pet Care Services and Pet Day Care in Somerset

Finding pet care for your small animals while you're away can be an unnecessary hassel, well look no further! Animals R Us UK have you covered!

Our feline and small animal care service will provide your beloved pets with expert care so you can enjoy your time away! We can cater to your pets every need from keeping their food and water fresh and topped up to cleaning their homes and ensuring the remain enriched and happy. We ask that you inform us of your cats normal habits, whether they are indoor or outdoor cats, this is so we can ensure that they are sae and where they are meant to be.

They can even have a holiday of their own with our small pet boarding service. With this pet care service your small animal will move into our home for the duration of your trip where we will care for them until your return.

Our Small Animal Care Services in the Somerset Area:

  • Feeding
  • Cleaning
  • Visit from a Friendly Face
  • Health Checking


If you would like to know more about our small animal care services or enquire about additional services please contact us using one of the following methods:

Small Animal Care Charges:

  • Feeding and Cleaning (1 visit per day to your home) = £6
  • Feeding and Cleaning (boarding, 15 mins per day) = TBC
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